Loyalty Program


Through our partnership with Global Empowerment Mission (GEM), we will be able to provide to communities in third world countries the healing and preventative powers of IMMUSE™. With every bottle of IMMUSE™ purchased, GEM will also give back to our global community by providing relief aid such as clean water, healthy and organic meals to children in school and water filtration systems to families.


Join Our Immunity Service Program

disaster reliefWhen you become a member of the IMMUSE™ community, you are a part of a social movement that is committed to positively impacting parts of the world that need the most help. IMMUSE™ has teamed up with Global Empowerment Mission, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2011 by Michael Capponi. Global Empowerment Mission has been dedicated to supporting some of the most significant global tragedies by providing critical disaster relief. Through our partnership, we will donate a portion of our sales and product in kind to empower those struck by tragedy in order to provide emergency aid, food, and housing.

IMMUSE’s™ wellness community is also dedicated to helping its members achieve overall health and general well-being. Through our loyalty program, we are constantly educating our members by providing them with educational content focused on health and wellness. Members can also experience several benefits such as special promotions and discounts. Become a driver of change by joining our immunity service program and helping those that are less fortunate in both our local and global community.

Take 1 Give 1 Outreach Initiative

Every year, millions of people in our global community die from illnesses, which could have been prevented or properly treated, because they don’t have access to essential healthcare services. At IMMUSE™, we are passionate advocates of promoting health and overall wellness to everyone, especially to those that cannot afford traditional preventative care and basic medical treatment. Our outreach initiative, “Take 1 Give 1”, allows members of the IMMUSE™ community to support someone on the other side of the world that may not have access to traditional medicine or the latest medical treatments.

As an essential peptide immune system support supplement, the main focus of IMMUSE™ is on the prevention of diseases. Every time you take an IMMUSE™ supplement, you are not just taking your health into your own hands, but you are also helping millions of people in developing countries protect themselves before they get sick. With IMMUSE™, we are able to advocate for others and provide an essential immune supplement designed to serve as the foundation for a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.