The Science behind Immuse

IMMUSETM Essential Peptide Immune System Support

For centuries, our ancestors used natural defenses to protect themselves from diseases. Our bodies inherently know how to protect and defend themselves, but there are many things that weaken our immune systems. IMMUSE™ brings us back to basics and helps our immune systems work the way they were intended to by providing the kind of resistance nature gave to our ancestors to help them survive the harshest of conditions.

IMMUSE™ is the most advanced immune system supplement from the most natural source. Our proprietary blend consists of unique organic proteins and peptides aid block invaders like bacteria and viruses before they cause harm to the body. IMMUSE™ fills in the nutritional gap with important amino acids which puts the body in a fighting position, strengthening your resistance and training your cells. By using natural proteins, IMMUSE™ is helping the body to naturally defend itself before it is compromised.

The Science Behind IMMUSETM

IMMUSE’s™ key ingredient is pure, potent peptides which are cultivated from pigs, the animal closest to the human genome. These peptides are small proteins that typically consist of two or more amino acids, which are the building blocks for special white blood cells, enzymes, proteins, and hormones that work harmoniously under healthy conditions to ensure a proper immune system response to harmful invaders such as toxins, allergens, and bacteria. By replenishing the body’s daily supply of these essential peptides, the immune system’s response is strengthened and ready to protect before it is compromised.

The small size of the peptides prevents them from being digested in the intestinal tract and enables them to go directly into the bloodstream. These peptides act as biologic response modifiers due to their ability to modify biological processes and enhance immune system activity without causing unwanted side effects. When taken in the form of IMMUSE™, these powerful peptides enhance the body’s natural ability to prevent cell damage, initiate internal repair, and prevent the development of both minor and serious illnesses. In other words, IMMUSE™ essentially promotes optimal self-regulation, rejuvenation, and restoration. Take IMMUSE™ as a once-a-day daily essential to help fill nutritional voids and bolster your immune function.

Fundamental Nutrition Based On Research

IMMUSE’s™ invincible immune system support is based on the ancient concept of glandular therapy. Glandular therapy has been used for centuries as an important form of medicine and involves the use of animal glands to support human health. The proprietary blend of essential peptides in IMMUSE™ is extracted from porcine spleen and liver cells, which are potent immune system regulating cells whose main function is to react aggressively against foreign bodies like bacteria and viruses.

Through our special extraction process, we have managed to preserve the highest protein integrity, making IMMUSE’s™ peptide blend concentrated and powerful. Our extraction process consists of a predigestion of spleen and liver glands, by employing plant and animal enzymes to partially digest or hydrolyze the glandular material. The partially digested material is then passed through a series of filtrations to separate out fat-soluble and large molecules. The purified material is then air-dried overnight and pulverized. The powder, now in the form of a purified peptide, is blended with a series of vitamins and compounds to be encapsulated and packed as IMMUSE™.

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